Mittwoch, 23. November 2016

still alive

It's been 1 year and 10 months since my last post. Time is passing by too fast! Sometimes I totally forget about my laptop, phone, facebook,.. or let's just say the internet. The time in Australia has changed me - A LOT. I love talking to the people here, finding new friends, going for a surf (I'm still a beginner though), taking photos of new places, making memories - good ones and bad ones -, going for walks on the beach with my dog  & my boyfriend. I'm also trying my best with staying in touch with my family and friends. That's mostly not really easy. I live a completely different life on a different continent. The time difference is also a reason why I'm so bad at keeping up with my friends. btw.. I was also really bad at staying in touch with you guys! I'm not even sure if someone is still reading my blog. BUT if there's still someone out there: lots of love to you! I'm trying my best to be more active on here again. You can also let me know if I should post something about my years abroad in Australia. 


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